Bangor Eisenhower Pier Lighthouse

Bangor Eisenhower Lighthouse and Pier

Bangor Eisenhower Pier Lighthouse is located at the end of the North Pier.  Nearby Bangor Marina is one of the largest in Ireland.

By the mid-19th century and with the introduction of the railway, travel from Belfast was possible.  As a result, Bangor developed as a fashionable Victorian holiday resort.  The town was rejuvenated in the 1980s when the seafront was redeveloped. The North Pier was completed in September 1983.

Pier plaque

General Dwight D Eisenhower addressed the Allied troops in Bangor during the Second World War before sending them off to the D-Day landings. Ballyholme Bay, to the east of the town, was used as the base for American troops in training for the Normandy landings.

Eisenhower Plaque

Along the pier are mosaics depicting the role of the area during the Second World War. In 2005 the North Pier was renamed the Eisenhower Pier by General Eisenhower’s granddaughter Mary-Jean Eisenhower.

Beneath the pier, a colony of black guillemots reside, which are known locally as the Bangor Penguins.

Eisenhower Lighthouse

The pier is easily accessible, and there is parking nearby.

Established: 1896, Current tower circa 1983
Tower Height: 11 metres
Light Character: Iso R 12 s
Light Range: 9 miles
Elevation: 9 metres