Portishead Point Lighthouse

Portishead Point

Portishead Point Lighthouse is located next to Battery Point.  As such the lighthouse is commonly known as Battery Point Lighthouse. This is partly to avoid confusion with Blacknore Point Lighthouse which is only a mile away and is known locally as Portishead Light.

The lighthouse was built by the Bristol Port Company in 1930 and first lit in March 1931. Its tower was manufactured by Chance Brothers of Smethwick and is an unusual design with a black metal pyramid tower on a square concrete base.  A metal walkway links the tower to the mainland.

Battery Point

A sixth-order Chance optic operated from the top of the lighthouse. It was originally connected to the power station at Portishead but is now operated by solar power.  An auxiliary light was added in 2005.

A fog bell sounded when the lighthouse was established, but this was removed in July 1988 following safety concerns. Following a campaign, the bell was acquired by Portishead Town Council and repatriated to the town in 2012.  It now stands in pride of place in the central reservation between High Street and Wyndham Way.

There are some great views across to Wales from the headland.  The tides off Battery Point are very strong and have a high tidal range.  Close by is a Seafarers memorial dedicated to those who have sailed past, some never to return.

Battery Point was an important defence post, hence its name.  During its history, there has been a watch tower, a Civil War battery and a Victorian coastal battery.  Coastal defences were also installed here during the First and Second World Wars.

Portishead lighthouse

Portishead Point Lighthouse can be reached via Esplanade Road by the open air pool and Lido Cafe.

Established: 1930
Tower Height: 9 metres
Light Character: Q (3) W 10 s
Light Range: 16 miles
Elevation: 9 metres