Lismore Lighthouse

Lismore Lighthouse

Lismore Lighthouse is located in the Firth of Lorn on the island of Eilean Musdile at the entrance to Loch Linnhe.  It is easily visible from ferries entering to and from Oban and the Isle of Mull.  Eilean Musdile is separated from the main island of Lismore by a small channel.

The ten acre island was bought by the Northern Lighthouse Board in 1830 from Charles Campbell of Combie.

A light was first established in October 1833, displaying a fixed white light. This opened up navigation into Loch Linnhe and the Firth of Lorne for the Caledonian Canal entrance.

Eilean Musdile Island
View from the lighthouse: Eilean Musdile looking across to Lismore Island.

The first principal keeper was Mr Robert Selkirk.  Lismore was classed as a rock station.  The keepers worked 6 weeks followed by two weeks ashore with their families.  The families lived at a shore station in Oban.

The lighthouse was designed by engineer Robert Stevenson.  The lantern is unusual, having vertical panes in the lantern.  Inside various beautiful designs are depicted.

Lismore designs
Some of the designs around the lantern

During the second World War, in 1940 two keepers rescued to airmen who were found clinging to wreckage in the sea. 

Lismore Lighthouse was automated in June 1965.  Around 11 tons of materials had to be delivered by MV Fingal from Oban.

Lismore Lighthouse
Established: 1833
Engineer: Robert Stevenson
Tower Height: 26 metres
Light Character: Fl W 10 s
Light Range: 17 miles
Elevation: 31 metres
Automated: June 1965