Harwich Low Lighthouse

Harwich Low Lighthouse

Harwich Low Lighthouse was built in 1818, replacing a previous tower built in 1665, and lining up with the High Lighthouse, which was established at the same time.

Although designed to work in conjunction with each other, the height of the Low Light was ineffective, so in 1819 the light was moved 25ft further up the tower, and in 1822 the range of the light was increased after additional lamps were installed.

Trinity House took over the operation of both the High and Low Lighthouses in 1837 until they were discontinued in 1863. Between 1970 and 1974 the lighthouse was used as a pilot station by Trinity House.

In 1980 the Harwich Society claimed the building, transforming it into a maritime museum.

Established: 1665, Current tower: 1818
Discontinued: 1863
Engineer: John Rennie