Goldcliff Lighthouse

Goldcliff Lighthouse

Goldcliff Lighthouse is located south of the village of Goldcliff, near Newport, and originally the southern headland.

The lighthouse was established in 1924 and is a 9 feet high steel box with a lantern on top.  It was operated by electricity but is no longer operational.

The light marked the southerly part of the headland to the east of the River Usk.  Here a channel lies inshore of the West Grounds.  A beacon was later established at Denny Island, in the Severn Estuary, north of Portishead.  This probably replaced the lighthouse.

Goldcliff is said to be named due to its siliceous limestone cliff which is formed over a bed of yellow mica. This is said to give the cliffs a glittering appearance in the sunshine.

From the village of Goldcliff, there is a short walk along the embankment to the tower, close to the remains of Goldcliff Priory.  There is a tea room close to the parking area.

Goldcliff Lighthouse can be easily reached along the Newport Coast Path, and it is possible to walk to East Usk Lighthouse.

Established: 1924
Discontinued: Yes