Lighthouses of South Wales

The lighthouses of South Wales are listed in geographical order. Also included are lightvessels and other associated places of interest. The map will provide more photos and information.

Please note that some of these lighthouses offer holiday accommodation, or may be privately owned, so please take care not to trespass or drive on private property. Please refer to the Lighthouse Directory page for more information.

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Pembrokeshire lighthouses south wales
Fishguard North Breakwater Lighthouse
Pen Anglas Daymark and Fog Station
Daymark and fog signal (discontinued). The area is known for its columns of basalt, similar to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. A circular walk from Goodwick takes you to Pen Anglas.
Strumble Head Lighthouse
South Bishop Lighthouse
Smalls Lighthouse
Around 21 miles off the coast of Pembrokeshire lies the Smalls reef. A wooden pile lighthouse was first erected here in 1776. Built by Henry Whiteside, the structure was first assembled at Solva on the mainland. The current masonry lighthouse replaced this in 1861.

The Smalls has a dark history. Two lighthouse keepers originally lived at The Smalls whilst on duty. But, one of the keepers died whilst on duty. His colleague, concerned that he would be charged with murder, lashed the body to the rails of the lantern gallery until help came. It was some weeks before the relief boat arrived to find the lone keeper and his dead colleague. After this incident, three keepers would be on duty at all rock (offshore) lighthouses.
Skokholm Lighthouse
St Ann’s Head Low Lighthouse
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St Ann’s Old Higher Lighthouse
Great Castle Head Front Lighthouse
Caldey Island Lighthouse
Saundersfoot Lighthouse
Pembrokeshire lighthouses


Carmarthenshire lighthouses
Burry Port Lighthouse
Whitford (Whiteford) Point Lighthouse
Whitford Point is the oldest remaining wave-swept cast-iron lighthouse in Britain, established in 1854. Though now disused and on the endangered list, it is possible to walk out to the lighthouse at low water.


Glamorgan lighthouses
Mumbles Lighthouse
Located near Swansea, Mumbles Lighthouse was built in 1794. The lighthouse is accessible at low water, but do check tide times before your journey. The former optic is on display at Swansea Museum.
Swansea Museum
The former optic from Mumbles Lighthouse and Helwick Lightvessel are on display.
LV91 Helwick Lightvessel
Built in 1937, decommissioned in 1977. Station history: 1937-1971: Humber, 1971 – 1977: Helwick, Bristol Channel. The vessel is now Located at Swansea Museum. She is not accessible to the public but can be clearly seen from the quay.
Built in 1903, decommissioned in 1973. Station history: 1903-1944: included Shipwash, 1944:Juno, 1945: Le Havre, 1945-49: Smiths Knoll, 1949-52: Varne, 1953-72: English and Welsh Grounds.
In May 1973 following decommissioning, she was sold for scrap, but there were plans to use her as a night club which did not materialise. She is now at Neath Abbey Wharf in a very poor condition.
Porthcawl Lighthouse
Nash Point Low Lighthouse
Nash Point High Lighthouse
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Located between Bridgend and Cardiff, Nash Point Lighthouse was built in 1832. Two lighthouses initially worked together as leading lights to mark the dangerous Nash Sands. The low Lighthouse is still in existence but was decommissioned in the 1920s.

Nash Point was the last lighthouse to be automated in Wales on 5th August 1998.
Barry Docks Breakwater Lighthouse
Flatholm Lighthouse
A few miles off the coast of Barry, in the middle of the busy Bristol Channel, lies the island of Flatholm. A cholera isolation hospital operated here during the Second World War. The lighthouse was established in 1737. In 1820 it was extended in height and again improved in 1866.
Monkstone Lighthouse


Newport lighthouses
West Usk Lighthouse
Holiday accommodation
East Usk Lighthouse

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