Lighthouses of North West England

The lighthouses of North West England are listed in geographical order. Also included are lightvessels and other associated places of interest. The map will provide more photos and information.

Please note that some of these lighthouses offer holiday accommodation, or may be privately owned, so please take care not to trespass or drive on private property. Please refer to the Lighthouse Directory page for more information.

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North West lights

From the Solway Firth down through Cumbria, you can pass St Bees Lighthouse on a lovely walk.  St Bees marks the start of the Coast to Coast trail from St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay in the East.  Originally a coal-fired beacon, established in 1718, it was the last of the coal-fired light in Britain when replaced by the current lighthouse in 1822.

Further down the coast the estuary of the Fylde and Wyre with its wide expanse of sands exposed at low water, tell of dangerous shipping hazards, and relics of old lighthouses are littered around here.

Heading to Merseyside and the lights of the Wirral, the lighthouses of this area and along the North Wales coast were once managed by the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board, later to become the Mersey Docks and Harbour Company, now the Port of Liverpool.  Just near to their impressive iconic building, visit the Maritime Museum which tells of the importance of Liverpool as a port, replacing Bristol and London as the slave-trading capital by 1740.

Along the Wirral are various lights, which are now mostly disused.  Bidston, now 2 miles inland, was also once an important signal station, forming one of a chain of signals heading from Anglesey.  Leasowe and Bidston Lighthouses are open to the public on certain days.

If you have the time you can walk out to Hillbre Island.  Although a modern lighthouse, you can find one of the former telegraph signal stations.  You must check the tides though as access is only available at low water, and you have to walk out across the water, so do leave enough time to get back!


Cumbria Lighthouses
Silloth East Cote Lighthouse
Lees Scar Lighthouse
Maryport Old Lighthouse
Discontinued. Possibly the UK’s oldest cast iron lighthouse
Maryport South Pier Lighthouse
North Pier Lighthouse, Whitehaven
West Pier Lighthouse, Whitehaven
Old New Quay Lighthouse, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Old Watch Tower
The tower, which was built around 1730, was not used as a lighthouse, but as a watchtower for vessels sailing into the harbour.
St Bees Lighthouse
Hodbarrow Point Lighthouse
Hodbarrow Old Lighthouse
Isle of Walney Lighthouse
accommodation Lighthouse Cottage sleeps 6, The Hide sleeps 2
Rampside Lighthouse
Sir John Barrow Memorial
Located on Hoad Hill, the 30 metre high tower, sometimes referred to as the Hoad Monument was designed to look like a lighthouse, but never functioned as a lighthouse. It was established in 1851 as a monument to Sir John Barrow, founder member of the Royal Geographical Society and Second Secretary to the Admiralty. Barrow was born in Ulverston in 1764.
The monument is open to the public when the flag is flying.


Lancashire lighthouses
Morecambe Stone Pier
Near Naze Lighthouses, Heysham
Heysham South Pier Lighthouse
Glasson Dock Lighthouse
Plover Scar Lighthouse
Fleetwood High (Pharos) Lighthouse
Fleetwood Low Lighthouse
Wyre Lighthouse
Remains of the first screw pile lighthouse. Not accessible.
Port of Liverpool Building
Formerly the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board (Company), responsible for the lights and lightvessels of the Mersey. At one time it housed the optic from Great Ormes’ Head Lighthouse, which is now located in Llandudno.
Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool
Former optic from Hale Head Lighthouse on display.


Cheshire lighthouses
Hale Head Lighthouse
Discontinued. Private road, accessible by foot. The former optic is on display at Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool.
Ellesmere Port Lighthouse
Discontinued 1894. Located in National Waterways Museum
Woodside Ferry Lighthouse, Birkenhead
Located at the Mersey Ferry terminal, Birkenhead, on the Wirral Circular Trail route.
New Brighton (Perch Rock) Lighthouse
Bidston Lighthouse
Leasowe Lighthouse
The oldest brick-built lighthouse in Britain. Open to the public on open days.
Hoylake High Lighthouse
Grange Beacon, West Kirby
Erected in 1841 as a navigation aid to mariners, after a windmill was destroyed here during a gale in 1839.
Hillbre Island Lighthouse
Modern lighthouse and former telegraph station – accessible at low tide – check tide times before attempting to cross.

Stay in a lighthouse

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