The coast of North East England stretches from North Lincolnshire to the Scottish borders, taking in Humberside, Yorkshire and Northumberland. 

Please note that some of these lighthouses offer holiday accommodation, or may be privately owned, so please take care not to trespass or drive on private property. Please refer to the Lighthouse Directory page for more information. 

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Lighthouses of North East England

North East Lincolnshire

Heading up the coast from The Wash to the Humberside estuary, the Killingholme Lighthouses mark the southern side of the River. 

 East Yorkshire

East Yorkshire Lighthouses

The Humber estuary is dotted with shifting sands entering into the busy port of Hull, and a number of lightvessels marked these.   In Hull, you can visit the impressive Maritime Museum which has an impressive display of the history of the lightvessels, and you can visit the former Spurn Lightvessel in the Hull Marina. 

On the Spurn peninsula, you can take a guided tour down to Spurn Point to visit and climb the old lighthouse, or you can walk the four miles there and back.  The Discovery Centre, run by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is well worth a visit.  The recently repatriated bullseye from the optic can be found on display here. 

North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire Lighthouses

Further up the coast are Flamborough and Whitby’s lights, where you can visit the High Light, the former fog signal station and visit the harbour lights on the pier. 

County Durham

County Durham lighthouses

 Hartlepool’s Maritime Experience is worth a visit.  The former optic from The Heugh Lighthouse is on display here. 

 Tyne and Wear

 Souter Lighthouse near Sunderland was the first lighthouse purpose-designed and built for electric operation in 1871 and is now a visitor centre. 

 At Whitley Bay, St Mary’s was the last lighthouse to be converted from an oil burning light. 


Northumberland lighthouses

Along the Northumberland coast can be found the beautiful Farne Islands.  Well worth a boat trip out to visit Longstone Lighthouse, where famous heroine Grace Darling rescued nine sailors from the SS Forfarshire in 1838 along with her father.  She is now immortalised at the Grace Darling Museum in Bamburgh and you can also visit her memorial just across the road from the museum.