Lighthouses of the Isles of Scilly

The lighthouses of the Isles of Scilly are listed in geographical order. Also included are lightvessels and other associated places of interest.  The map will provide more photos and information.

Please note that some of these lighthouses offer holiday accommodation, or may be privately owned, so please take care not to trespass or drive on private property. Please refer to the Lighthouse Directory page for more information.

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Scilly lights

The Isles of Scilly are an archipelago located 25 miles off the south western tip of Cornwall.  The main islands are St Mary’s, St Martin’s, Tresco, St Agnes and Bryher.

To reach the islands, you can travel on the Scillonian ferry from Penzance Harbour, a trip lasting just under 3 hours.   If you’re lucky you may spot Longships or Wolf Rock Lighthouses and the Sevenstones Lightvessel as you cross.  You can also fly to the islands.

There are very few cars on Scilly, but it is easy to get around.  There are plenty of boats linking the islands, and lots of day trips so it’s easy to visit the lighthouses, provided the weather is kind.  Generally the climate is much milder than on mainland England, but the waters can still get choppy from time to time!

Take a boat trip out to Bishop Rock Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in the UK, at 49 metres high with an elevation of 44 metres (Eddystone is the same height, but its elevation is 41 metres).  Visit the island of St Agnes and its lighthouse, built in 1680, the oldest of the Scilly lights. St Agnes is no longer operational, and is privately owned.

If you get the chance to visit the beautiful Abbey Gardens on the island of Tresco, you will spot, among the figureheads, the upturned brazier formerly used in St Agnes Lighthouse.

Isles of Scilly

Isles of Scilly lighthouses
Sevenstones Lightvessel
St Martin’s Daymark
The earliest surviving beacon in the British Isles, built in 1683.
Round Island
Tresco Abbey Gardens
Former brazier from St Agnes Lighthouse
Bishop Rock Lighthouse Shore Station, Hugh Town, St Mary’s
Previously used by the families of the keepers of Bishop Rock Lighthouse. Now a private residence.
Peninnis Lighthouse
St Agnes Lighthouse
Rosevear Island
Base station for the builders of Bishop Rock Lighthouse
Bishop Rock Lighthouse
Accessible by boat

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