Lighthouses of the Isle of Man

The lighthouses of the Isle of Man are listed in geographical order. Also included are lightvessels and other associated places of interest. The map will provide more photos and information.

Please note that some of these lighthouses offer holiday accommodation, or may be privately owned, so please take care not to trespass or drive on private property. Please refer to the Lighthouse Directory page for more information.

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Manx Lights

The Isle of Man, like the Channel Islands, is a Crown Dependency. This means that it has its own parliament, known as Tynwald.

Prior to 1815 neither Trinity House nor the Northern Lighthouse Board were responsible for the lighthouses of the Isle of Man.  However, the Commissioners proposed the building of two lighthouses on the Calf of Man, and shortly afterwards an Act was passed to allow this.  Today six lighthouses of the Isle of Man fall under the jurisdiction of the Northern Lighthouse Board.

The Isle of Man is easily accessible with ferries crossing from Heysham and Liverpool and regular flights from the mainland connecting to the island.

If coming by ferry the first glimpse you get is the impressive view of Douglas Head Lighthouse welcoming you into the harbour. 

On the Calf of Man, there are three lighthouses, the two older lights of the High and Low Lights, and the newer Calf of Man Lighthouse, established in 1968, though now all three lights are decommissioned, the latter being discontinued in 2007.

From the Calf of Man, you can clearly see the graceful tower of Chicken Rock Lighthouse, built in 1875.  It is possible to get boat trips out around the rock.

Isle of Man

Isle of Man Lighthouses
Point of Ayre Lighthouse
Winkie Lighthouse
Peel Harbour
Front Range Lighthouse, Port Erin
Raglan Pier Lighthouse, Port Erin
Calf of Man Lighthouse
The lighthouse was established in 1968 and discontinued in 2007. The shore station for the families of the keepers was located at Port St Mary, and was used until automation in 1995.
Calf of Man Old High Lighthouse
Calf of Man Old Low Lighthouse
Chicken Rock Lighthouse
The keepers and their families lived at a shore station at Port St Mary.
Craigneash Radio Station
Alfred Pier Lighthouse, Port St Mary
Inner Pier Lighthouse, Port St Mary
Lighthouse Shore Station, Port St Mary
Located on Bay View Road next to St Mary’s Church. Now a private residence, once used for the families of the keepers of Chicken Rock Lighthouse, and later for the families of the Calf of Man Lighthouse.
Castletown New Pier Lighthouse
Castletown Irish Quay Lighthouse
Langness Lighthouse
The last of the Isle of Man lighthouses to be automated, in 1996.
The Herring Tower, Langness
Used as a daymark
Derbyhaven Breakwater Lighthouse
Douglas Head Lighthouse
Battery Pier Lighthouse, Douglas
Laxey Inner Harbour Lighthouse
Laxey Harbour Lighthouse
Maughold Head Lighthouse
Ramsey North Pier Lighthouse
Ramsey South Pier Lighthouse

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