Fraggle Rock Lighthouse And Other Adventures

Fraggle Rock Lighthouse

Have you ever wondered where Fraggle Rock Lighthouse is?  Did you know you can stay there?

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St Anthony's Lighthouse, Cornwall
St Anthony’s Lighthouse AKA Fraggle Rock

Puppeteer Jim Henson is best known for creating the children’s series The Muppets. Following on from this, in the early 1980s, Henson produced another similar series called Fraggle Rock.

In this series, a collection of strange characters lived in a subterranean colony below the Fraggle Rock Lighthouse.  The show aired for five seasons between 1983 and 1987.

The only human star of this show was the late Fulton Mackay. He played the part of the Fraggle Rock lighthouse keeper, who along with his puppet dog Sprocket, had his life plagued by Fraggles.  

St Anthony Lighthouse in Cornwall was the setting for the TV series Fraggle Rock. The lighthouse marks the headland at the eastern entrance to Falmouth Harbour in Cornwall.

There has been a lighthouse at St Anthony’s Head since 1835. The tower replaced an earlier coal beacon which was lit to warn ships of the treacherous Black Rock in the middle of Falmouth Harbour.

Fraggle Rock Connections

Cromer Lighthouse in Norfolk didn’t feature in a children’s programme (to my knowledge). But you can be like a Lighthouse Fraggle, as one of the cottages has a bedroom right underneath the lighthouse tower!

Cromer Lighthouse
Cromer Lighthouse, Norfolk

And if you visit the Isles of Scilly, pay a visit to the Fraggle Rock Bar and Cafe in Bryher. 

Keep an eye out for Fraggles!

Other Lighthouses featured in children’s programmes

Fraggle Rock isn’t the only lighthouse featured in a children’s programme that you can stay in or visit.

The Adventures of Portland Bill

Features the lighthouse of Portland Bill.  Lighthouse Keeper Bill lives at Guillemot Rock with his keeper colleagues Ross and Cromarty. 

Portland Bill Lighthouse
Portland Bill Lighthouse, Dorset

You can visit Portland Bill Lighthouse Visitor Centre, and stay at Portland Old High and Portland Old Low Lighthouses. 

Five go to Demon’s Rocks

Two different versions of Five Go to Demons Rock were filmed.  Based on the Enid Blyton Famous Five stories, the group end up locked in a lighthouse. The 1970s edition featured Hurst Point Lighthouse, and the second was filmed in the 1990s at St Mary’s Lighthouse, Whitley Bay.

Hurst Point Lighthouse
Hurst Point Lighthouse

Round the Twist

Round the Twist was an Australian children’s programme featuring Split Point Lighthouse.  Tony Twist and his children move to the lighthouse.

The lighthouse is open for guided tours.

Split Rock Lighthouse
Split Rock Lighthouse, Australia

Stay at Fraggle Rock

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