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THV Patricia

Trinity House Vessel (THV) Patricia is the Trinity House flagship, one the fleet of lighthouse tenders that look after and service maritime navigation aids primarily around English and Welsh waters. 

Built by Robb Caledon in Leith in 1982, her work includes refuelling offshore lights, maintenance, towing, buoy work, and wreck location and marking. 

THV Patricia is fitted with towing winches providing a routine capability for moving lightvessels to and from their stations.  She has a 20-tonne speed crane capable of lifting the largest navigational buoys, and there is a helideck aft.

THV Patricia

The current Patricia is the third with that name. In 1994 she led the Royal Yacht Britannia at the D-Day 50th Anniversary Fleet Review.  She is fitted with additional accommodation for the annual inspection voyages by the Trinity House Elder Brethren.  When the Brethren are not aboard, this accommodation is available for the use of up to twelve passengers whilst THV Patricia undergoes her normal servicing duties.

Built: 1982
Length: 86 metres
Beam: 14 metres
Draught: 4.5 metres
Gross tonnage: 2541
Speed: 14 knots