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Strumble Head

Strumble Head Lighthouse was built on Ynys Meicel, St Michael’s Island, west of Fishguard. The tiny island is separated from the mainland by a very narrow sound.

A lighthouse was first proposed at Strumble Head in 1825, but it was not until 1908 that the lighthouse was established. It replaced a lightvessel which had previously been moored to the south of Cardigan Bay.

Strumble Head Lighthouse

The lighthouse guides vessels between Fishguard Harbour and Ireland, and forms a line of sight link with South Bishop Lighthouse to the south west.

An iron footbridge was built to cross from the mainland to the island. Incoporated within the handrails a pipe pumped oil into the tower. This footbridge was replaced in 1963.

Strumble Head

Access to the was difficult during the construction of the lighthouse, so building supplies had to be winched across from the mainland clifftop to the lighthouse.

The paraffin light was converted to electric in 1949, and the lighthouse was fully electrified in 1965.

Strumble Head Lighthouse

The electric fog signal was installed in 1969 replacing a previous explosive signal. The magazine used to store the explosives is still in existence.

The former explosives magazine for the fog signal
  • Built: 1908
  • Height of Tower: 17 metres
  • Elevation: 45 metres
  • Automated: 1980
  • Character: Fl (4) 15s
  • Range of light: 26 miles
  • Engineer: Thomas Matthews