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Spurn Point Lighthouse

The lighthouse lay derelict for a number of years until it was restored in 2016.

Guided tours are available through the Spurn Discovery Centre, which also has on display a section of the former optic from the lighthouse.

The previous old High Lighthouse replaced by the current tower. It was originally surrounded by accommodation, but the foundations are now overgrown and barely visible. There is a sign close to the existing tower indicating where the Old High Lighthouse stood.

If walking to the lighthouse, be sure to check tide times to avoid being cut off.

Spurn Point Lighthouse
  • Current tower:
  • Established: 1895
  • Height of tower: 39 metres
  • Decommissioned: 1985
  • Engineer: Sir Thomas Matthews
  • Old High Lighthouse:
  • Established: 1767
  • Decommissioned: 1895
  • Engineer: John Smeaton