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Spitbank Fort

Spitbank Fort is one of four Solent forts built to defend Portsmouth. The first three, Horse Sand Fort, No Man’s Land Fort and St Helens Fort were built first, and Spitbank was built two years later in 1867.

In June 2002 the fort was used as a location for Banged up with Beadle, where a member of the public was trapped in the dungeons of Spitbank Fort for a week with TV presenter Jeremy Beadle.  They would feature on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway programme.  The contestant would have to complete a task, winning cash if they succeeded.  Beadle would receive a luxury item to help with his following week’s incarceration.

The fort also featured in an episode of the TV series Most Haunted.  

After being disposed of by the Ministry of Defence, it was sold privately in 1982. By 2012 it was owned by the current owners of Horse Sand Fort and No Man’s Land Fort, and was renovated as a luxury spa hotel and retreat with nine bedroom suites.

  • Established: 1878
  • Elevation of light: 18 metres
  • Character: Fl R 5s
  • Range of light: 7 miles