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Portland Old High Lighthouse

The current Portland Old High Lighthouse was established in March 1867, replacing an older lighthouse built in 1716.  In October 1867 the nearby Old Lower Lighthouse was also established, replacing its predecessor.

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Both towers exhibited a fixed light; by keeping the lights in line, mariners were guided between the shore and the Shambles bank.

By 1901 it was decided that the two lights were no longer suitable, and both were discontinued when replaced by the current Portland Bill Lighthouse which came into use in 1906.

Portland Old High Lighthouse has had many famous connections over the years.  It was visited by King George III and H G Wells.  More recently the lighthouse was owned as a holiday home by the birth control pioneer Marie Stopes.  It was derelict by the time the current owner purchased the lighthouse and cottages in 1980.

Portland Old High Lighthouse

Portland Old High Lighthouse

  • Established: 1716   
  • Present tower: 1867   
  • Height of tower: 15 metres   
  • Discontinued: 1906


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