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Peel Harbour

Peel is the main harbour on the Isle of Man’s western coast, partly sheltered by St Patrick’s Island which is dominated by Peel Castle. The River Neb flows out to to the harbour.

The two most notable lighthouses of Peel are the Breakwater and Castle Jetty Lighthouses.

The pier to the east of the river was washed away twice in the eighteenth century. In 1809 it was lengthened and straightened, and a fixed red light established at the end of the pier the following year.

In 1861 a new light was established on the pier head. Now a light is shown above the old Harbour Master’s office.

Peel Castle Jetty Lighthouse

To the west of the inner harbour is Castle Jetty, which just out alongside Peel Castle. The jetty was built in 1829, although there is no record of a light being established there at the time.

Peel Castle Jetty Lighthouse
Peel Castle Jetty Lighthouse

The small lighthouse tower with three green bands was built on the jetty in 1946. The aluminium dome was added later.

Peel Breakwater Lighthouse

Peel Breakwater extends from St Patrick’s Island to the outer harbour. Built in 1856 it was extended in 1896 when the current lighthouse at the end was established. A bell mounted on the lighthouse sounded when vessels were expected in the harbour. The bell was discontinued in the mid-1990s.

Peel Breakwater Lighthouse
Peel Breakwater Lighthouse

There is also a small light at the end of the groyne extending west from the pier head. In 2005 a light was established on the pumping station roof, forming a transit with the groyne light at sea.

Peel Breakwater Lighthouse

  • Established: 1896
  • Height of tower: 8 metres
  • Elevation: 11 metres
  • Character: Oc W 7s
  • Range 6 miles

Peel Castle Jetty Lighthouse

  • Established: 1946
  • Height of tower: 4 metres
  • Elevation: 5 metres
  • Character: Oc G 7s