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Lynmouth Foreland Lighthouse

Lynmouth Foreland Lighthouse, or Foreland Point as it is sometimes known, is situated two miles to the northeast of the picturesque village of Lynmouth on the north coast of Devon.

Countisbury Common to the east of Lynmouth starts a clifftop walk to the Foreland, Devon’s most northerly point.  A service road reaching 1,000ft above sea level leads through the picturesque valley to the lighthouse.  

The lighthouse, along with its cottages, is built on terraces carved out of the hillside. Access from the service road is by a flight of 58 steps to the first level. Although the squat white tower is only 49ft high, it has an elevation of 220 feet above high water spring tides.

Lynmouth Lighthouse

On 28th September 1900, the lighthouse was officially opened. Lynmouth Foreland was established as a further aid to navigation in the Bristol Channel, 20 miles east of Bull Point, near Ilfracombe.

Although originally proposed with the lighthouse’s construction, the fog signal was built later and adjoined the tower on the north side below the lantern, sounding three blasts every 30 seconds. The fog signal has since been discontinued.

The station was electrified in 1975 when diesel generators were installed to provide power. In 1986 the lighthouse was connected to the National Grid by laying underground cables. Generators were retained to provide emergency power.

Lynmouth Foreland

Automation came to Lynmouth Foreland in 1993, when Principal Keeper Norman Grindle and Assistant Keepers Leslie Peers and Avery Aish left the station on 2nd November, leaving behind 93 years of service.

Upon automation, control and monitoring of the light was transferred to the Trinity House Operations Control Centre at Harwich in Essex. 

A long corridor runs the length of the building, connecting all the rooms. Access to the tower is sealed off.  

Lynmouth Foreland

Lynmouth Foreland Lighthouse

  • Established: 1900
  • Height of Tower: 15 metres
  • Elevation: 67  metres
  • Automated: 1993
  • Character: Fl (4) 15s
  • Range of light: 18 miles
  • Engineer: Sir Thomas Matthews