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LV72 Lightship

LV72 was built in 1903 for Trinity House.

Between 1903-1944 she served on Shipwash station as well as various other stations.

LV72 marked a safe passage through minefields in the English Channel for landing craft of the invasion force in June 1944. She was codenamed Juno after the landing beach she protected.

Between 1945-49 LV72 was stationed at Smiths Knoll and between 1949-52 at Varne.

Her final posting between 1953-72 was at English and Welsh Grounds.

LV72 Lightship

In May 1973 following decommissioning, she was sold for scrap, although there were plans to use her as a night club.

She is now lying derelict at Neath Abbey Wharf in a very poor condition.

There is a Facebook group dedicated to documenting her history and possible preservation.

  • Built: 1903
  • Decommissioned: 1973