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Leasowe Lighthouse

In 1763 two lights at Leasowe and two at Hoylake were built, both used as leading lights.

The lighthouses at Leasowe were known as the Upper Mockbeggar and Lower Mockbeggar Lights. They were also known as the Sea Lights. When aligned these guided vessels through the Rock Channel into Liverpool.

In 1769 the Lower Light collapsed, and was replaced with a new lighthouse at Bidston Hill, several miles inland.

Leasowe Lighthouse

By the early 1900s, the moving channel meant that the lighthouses were no longer needed, and the lighthouse at Leasowe was decommossioned on 14th July 1908.

Said to be the oldest brick-built lighthouse in Britain, it fell into disrepair for a while before being restored.

It is now now open to the public on certain days for guided tours.

  • Established: 1763
  • Height of tower: 33.5 metres
  • Discontinued: 1908