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Guile Point

Guile Point Lighthouse provides a leading light for vessels entering into Holy Island Harbour.

Two stone clad obelisk towers were established by Newcastle Trinity House in 1826.

Solar lights were added to the towers in the 1992.

Newcastle Trinity House owns the lighthouse. However, Trinity House took over responsibility for the harbour approach on 1st November 1995, and it is now monitored from the Trinity House Monitoring Centre in Harwich.

Guile Point

Guile Point East Lighthouse

  • Established: 1826
  • Height of obelisk: 21 metres
  • Elevation: 9 metres
  • Character: Oc WRG 6s

Across the harbour on Holy Island, Heugh Hill Lighthouse, on a steel tower overlooks the harbour.

Heugh Hill
Heugh Hill Lighthouse overlooking Holy Island Harbour

Heugh Hill Lighthouse

Established: 1826
Character: Oc W R G 6s
Elevation: 24 metres
Range: 5 miles