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Ellesmere Port Lighthouse

Also known as Whitby Lighthouse, Ellesmere Port Lighthouse was built in 1880 and located at Whitby Locks, the junction of the Manchester Ship Canal and Ellesmere Canal. Its purpose was to guide ships into the Shropshire Union Railway and Canal dock from the River Mersey.

Engineer George Robert Jebb was the designer. He was appointed Chief Engineer of the Shropshire Union Railways and Canals Company from 1869 to 1919.

Jebb was responsible for the deep water quays, docks, warehouses and other buildings. He was appointed to the Upper Mersey Navigation Commission, later becoming Chairman.

Ellesmere Port Lighthouse

When the Manchester Ship Canal reached Ellesmere Port in 1894 a new canal entrance at Eastham Locks meant that the lighthouse was no longer needed.

The restored lighthouse is now part of the National Waterways Museum.

  • Established: 1880
  • Discontinued: 1894
  • Engineer: George Robert Jebb