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Burry Port Lighthouse

Burry Port Lighthouse on the west breakwater of the outer harbour was built in 1842. The owners of Burry Port Harbour and Commissioners of the Burry Navigation were responsible for its maintenance.

The harbour at Burry Port replaced the nearby harbour at Pembrey. Burry Port was the main port for exporting coal for the nearby mines.

Burry Port Lighthouse

Following a campaign by Llanelli Borough Training and Burry Port Yacht Club, the lighthouse was restored, and Trinity House donated a new light. It was formally opened on 9th February 1996 by the Mayor of Llanelli, David T James.

Whitford Point Lighthouse can be seen from the pier on a clear day.

  • Established: 1842
  • Relit
  • Elevation: 7 metres
  • Character: Fl W 5s
  • Range: 6.5 miles