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Bull Point Lighthouse

Near to the village of Mortehoe, Bull Point Lighthouse guides vessels navigating off the north Devon coast with a red sector light marking the Rockham Shoal and the Morte Stone.

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Bull Point Lighthouse was established in 1879.  The station operated without a major incident until, following reports of ground movement, in the early hours of Sunday morning, 24th September, 50 feet of the cliff face crashed into the sea.  A further 50 feet subsided steeply, causing deep fissures to open up inside the boundary wall.

Walls cracked and the engine room and fog signal station partly collapsed, leaving it in a dangerous condition and putting the fog signal out of action.   This also left the lighthouse tower unsafe.

Later the same day a lighted buoy was placed off the point to provide a navigation light; this was later replaced by a lattice tower placed on the headland.

Bull Point Lighthouse

The lighthouse optic was installed in the temporary tower, and a lightvessel placed offshore provided a fog signal until a temporary building could be erected to house the three diaphone fog signals

A new lighthouse and Principal Keeper’s dwelling were officially opened in July 1975 by the Deputy Master of Trinity House, Captain D S Tibbits.

The fog signal was discontinued in 1988.

Bull Point Lighthouse

  • Established: 1879   
  • Current tower: 1975   
  • Height of Tower: 11 metres   
  • Elevation: 54 metres   
  • Automated:1975   
  • Character: Fl (3) 10s   
  • Fog signal: discontinued 1988   
  • Range of light: 20


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