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Anvil Point Lighthouse

Anvil Point Lighthouse was established in 1881, and gives a clear line from Portland Bill to the west and guides vessels away from the Christchurch Ledge to the east.

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The original optic was extensively modernised and converted from oil to electricity in 1960. The original optic was removed and donated to the Science Museum in London.

Anvil Point lighthouse

The old fog signal was replaced with an automatic signal in 1981, but has since been silenced.

Anvil Point foghorn
Former fog signal

The lighthouse is located within Durlston Country Park which has visitor centre and cafe. Just below the lighthouse are the Tilly Whim Caves, said to have been used by smugglers, but these are no longer open to the public.

  • Established: 1881
  • Height of Tower: 12 metres
  • Elevation: 45 metres
  • Automated: 1991
  • Character: Fl 10s
  • Range of light: 9 miles
  • Fog signal: discontinued
  • Engineer: James Douglass


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